Suomesta Sochin olympialaisiin Mobileyen turvallisuusjärjestelmällä!

26.03.2014 15:48

Suomen Hiihtoliiton huoltoajoneuvo varustettiin ennen Sochin matkaa Mobileye -turvallisuusjärjestelmällä.



From Finland to Sochi With Mobileye


Mobileye distributor in Finland, Piirla Oy, ensured that the Finnish Winter Olympic Team would arrive safely in Sochi, Russia to compete in the Olympics.

The Finnish Ski Association set up a Mobile Service Center in order to speed up any required maintenance for the Finnish Olympic team and to reduce the time of dismantling and packing the required gear to compete in the Olympics. The Finnish national mobile service center, or service truck, was custom made for the teams requirements, equipped with high-tech equipment, some of which is only available in Finland. Technical innovations include air suction directly from the bottom and the upper ventilation allowing the air in the room to stay clean. In order to ensure that the valuable truck arrived safely, the team fitted the Mobile Service center with a Mobileye system